Are you feeling scattered, struggling to focus or stay regulated?


Have you ever felt like you didn't have a voice?


Are you having difficulty putting feelings into words?





What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is a mental health profession that combines the use of art materials (painting, drawing, clay, mixed-media, and photography) with psychotherapy, to encourage self-expression, exploration, and understanding.
It can be hard to talk about our challenges. Making art - within the context of a safe and judgment free therapeutic relationship - can help to externalize our thoughts and feelings. This can lead to a sense of relief, help us to build more self-awareness, and lead to positive changes in thoughts and actions. 
Art chronicles not only our shared human experiences – our thoughts, feelings, struggles and hopes, but also our connection to one another and to the planet. You do not have to refer to yourself as an artist in order to create. We create all of the time – experiences, memories, meaning…

I became an Art Therapist to help individuals express themselves in ways that foster understanding, nurture growth, encourage resilience, and build upon strengths. Establishing a contained, accepting, and empathetic space where individuals can safely explore the challenges that have brought them into therapy is important to me.


Email me to see if Art Therapy may be right for you.  

Together we can create space

to make sense of life's challenges.